Virtual Labs Project

General Information

Phone Numbers :

General Information :
Development/Outreach :
+91 9177792945

Email address :

Mailing Address :

Room No:2016/II A,
Bharti School of Telecom,
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,
Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016 (India)

Engineering and Architecture Divsion :

Room No:B6-204,
Vindhya C6, VLEAD, IIIT-H, Gachibowli,
Hyderabad - 500032


Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC Channels on Freenode network

#vlead :: used by the community developing the infrastructure for Virtual Labs.

#vlabs-engineers :: used by lab developers and integrators.

Usually, someone will be there to respond to the channel 10am to 5pm GMT+5:30.

Help with IRC Chat

This tutorial lists all the information in using IRC for communication.

xchat which can be downloaded and installed is a recommended client for conducting communication on IRC channels.

Mailing Lists

Google Groups

A mailing list for engineers contributing to Virtual Labs. This list is used by all the engineers who contribute to the development of Virtual Labs. A concrete feature requirement could evolve out of a discussion on this mailing list.

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Engineers' Forum

This forum is conducted using GitHub issues. Any issue faced with the development of Virtual Labs is logged here. A GitHub handle is necessary to create an issue.


This is the mailing list that all the announcements related to Virtual Labs are made.

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