Disciplines and Domains

Chemical Engineering

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*Unit Operation, Reaction Engg. & Process Control

This lab defines how the chemical reactions are prepared and the various flow through pipes, fittings, orifice meter, Venturi meter are working

*Chemical Engineering

Welcome to the Chemical Engineering Lab! In this lab, we will do virtual experiments. We will start with Flow measurement by orificemeter and venturimeter, and from then on, the experiments get more interesting.

*Mass Transfer

This lab describes about the Separating and Throttling Calorimeter || ASTM distillation || Flow through porous media - II || Column tray effeciency || Flow through porous media -I, etc., .

*Magnetic Levitation Lab

A virtual laboratory is a tool for distance learning and/or experimentation that allows people to share knowledge, data, voice, video, tools, and many other resources. It provides a suitable environment to extend, improve, integrate, refine, and assist the learning and/or experimentation process of many subjects, thus contributing to an increase of the effectiveness of scientific research and widening the use of scarce or costly equipments.

*Virtual Chemistry Lab

To develop Teaching/Learning Modules for advanced separation Techniques: High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography for Under Graduate and Post Graduate students.

Simulation of Control of Magnetic Levitation System

The Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) unit demonstrates closed loop levitation of permanent and ferromagnetic elements.

Chemical Process Dynamics Laboratory

The lab aim to provide a learning experience, similar to the hands on one in a real laboratory, through use of computer simulator and graphic tools. The modules are to be run through internet, and are primarily intended for a wider audience, beyond classroom. The modules cover the dynamics of process variables in traditional systems (e.g., heat exchanger, reactor), and recent methods (e.g., membrane separation, bioreactor)

Single Board Heater System

Single Board Heater system is a lab-in-a-box setup which is primarily used for teaching/studying the theory of control systems. It can be thought of as a plant with a very small time constant (of the order of 60s).

Upcoming Labs

Binary Distillation


Hydrodynamics and Transport phenomena in Packed Bed and Heat Exchangers