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Electrical Engineering

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*Industrial Automation Laboratory

This lab deals with the hardware and software platforms for DCS, analog and digital function blocks, understand and perform experiments on timers and counters and so on...


This lab focuses on programmable logic controller, PLC, or programmable controller which is a digital computer used for automation of typically industrial electromechanical processes.

*Electrical Machines Laboratory

This lab is designed to study the generation of magnetic field in a single coil system due to DC and AC current ,to study the behaviour of rotating magnetic field in a two coil system due to AC current etc;

*Virtual Power Lab

To develop virtual machines and power laboratory to facilitate the students to work with their own convenience and easily understand the practical concepts. Also it helps in generating the interest in students' community to get better insight about the subjects related to machines and power systems.

*Industrial Electric Drives

This lab introduces us with Programmable Logic Controllers and Digital I/O interface to PLCs as well as introduces us with Ladder Logic.

*Sensors Modeling and Simulation

In this lab, we will do virtual experiments to understand Newton's laws of motion. We will start with a simple pendulum, and from then on, the experiments get more interesting.

*Substation Automation Lab

Include your long course description here. The long course description should contain 150-400 words.

*Substation Automation

Include your long course description here. The long course description should contain 150-400 words.

*Electrical Machines

In this lab we will perform load test and speed control on separately excited DC motor, no load test, blocked rotor test on three phase induction motor, open circuit, short circuit and load test on three phase alternator,etc

Electrical Machines Lab

The goal of the lab is to make students explore about electrical machinery virtually through simulations.

Ergonomics Lab for Assessing Physical Aspects of Design

This lab deals with expeiments like Static anthropometry, standing heights, Arm forward reaches, standing erect and forward bend etc.

Analog Signals,Network and Measurement Laboratory

To verify Substitution Theorem of a linear electrical circuit, to determine Mutual Inductance of a Bridge Circuit, to determine of Self-Inductance and Capacitance of an Unknown Coil etc.

Hybrid Electronics

In this lab basic analog and digital techniques are demonstrated. We will simulate code converter, counter, registers, ALU, decoder, encoder, MUX, DEMUX, converters and many more.

Virtual High Voltage Laboratory

A high-Voltage laboratory needs to be established to carry out fundamental studies on insulating materials, to carry out the performance evaluation of proto types and also to assess the condition of High-Voltage power apparatus before their erection and installation.

Creative Design, Prototyping & Experimental Simulation in HCI Lab

Experiments in this lab focus on understanding the theoretical basis of decision making while designing computer screens, displays and product interfaces.

Remote Triggered Electromechanical Conversion Laboratory

To perform No Load test of three phase induction motor, To perform Blocked Rotor test of three phase induction motor , To obtain Torque Slip characteristics of three phase induction motor.

Virtual Power Electronics and Electric Drives Lab

This lab provides experiments in Full Wave Rectifier, Full Wave Rectifier With Source Inductance, Phase Rectifier With Source Inductance and Buck Converter etc.

Virtual Interactive Lab

This lab introduces us about The Missionaries Archive, Ethnographic Reports and The Folklore and Literature Archive etc.

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Power System Lab


Electrical Machines, Power Electronics & Drives, Power Systems & Instrumentation


Virtual Circuits Laboratory