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Mechanical Engineering

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*Metal Forming Virtual Simulation Lab

This lab is to understand the various fundamental metal forming processes and to recognise the effect of various process parameters with the help of computer numerical simulations.

*Vibration and Acoustics Lab

In this lab, we will do virtual experiments to understand Newton's laws of motion. We will start with a simple pendulum, and from then on, the experiments get more interesting.

*Micromachining laboratory

This labs helps us to study pulsed-heating of materials, erosion mechanism from Lazarenko's model, various thermal models for EDM and to study the effect of process parameters in electrochemical grinding.

*FAB laboratory

Fab Laboratory is to understand about 3D machining, 3D scanning, Computer Controlled Cutting of wooden object, PCB design & fabrication etc., .

*Mechanics of machine Lab

This lab describes about the various position analysis and velocity analysis of Grashof four bar mechanism, Slider crank mechanism, Scotch Yoke Mechanism, Elliptical Trammel.

*Machine Dynamics and Mechanical Vibrations

This lab decribes the free vibration of cantilever beam: simply supported beam fixed beam: and Forced vibration of SDOF system, 2DOF Forced vibration, Dynamic Vibration Absorber.

*Virtual Combustion and Atomization Laboratory

This lab defines the various types of fuels like liquid, solid and gaseous fuels are available for firing in boilers, furnaces and other combustion equipments

*Mechanical Vibration

A virtual laboratory is a tool for distance learning and/or experimentation that allows people to share knowledge, data, voice, video, tools, and many other resources. It provides a suitable environment to extend, improve, integrate, refine, and assist the learning and/or experimentation process of many subjects, thus contributing to an increase of the effectiveness of scientific research and widening the use of scarce or costly equipments.

*Mechanical Laboratory Experience in Fluid and Thermal Sciences

Welcome to Virtual Laboratory Experience in Fluid and Thermal Sciences lab. This site hosts only the simulations of the lab.

*Material Response to Microstructural, Mechanical, Thermal and Biological Stimuli

Virtual lab is created for understanding the material response (microstructure)when any thermal or mechanical stimuli is provided to it. In addition ionic conductivity dependence on the composition of material is explained here with.

General Purpose Production Shop Simulation Lab

This lab aims to provide students, researchers, and educators an interactive platform to learn basics of modeling and simulation of production shops. Discrete next event stochastic simulation is used to simulate, observe and analyze the production systems.

Mine Automation and Virtual Reality

This lab is about the Determination of Shock Pressure Loss in Presence of Tub and Estimation of Drag coefficient, and the Determination of Frictional Co-efficient of Mine Airways

Nanocomposite, Fabrication and Biomaterials & Signal Processing Laboratory

This lab describes the real life Spark Plasma Sintering , Bacteria Culture, Cell Culture.

Remote Triggered Vibration Lab

This virtual lab offers the users with a set of experiments which when conducted will help the user to study free and forced vibrations in various types of systems. The user will be able to understand how a system responds to given inputs and will be able to calculate various system parameters based on which critical decision about operating the machinery can be taken.

Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms

This lab includes experiments in Simple Drawing Board, Position Analysis of a 4 Bar RRPR Grashofian Inverted Slider Crank and Position Analysis of a 4 Bar Grashofian Crank Rocker.

Robotics and Control Systems Simulation Laboratory

In addition some basic mechatronic control methods using a common Lab PC and USB interface to control motion generating devices like stepper motor and servo motor are offered. These are further augmented with real robot control as applied in fixed base manipulators to that of moving base robots.

Rotating Machinery Fault Simulation Laboratory

This lab offers experiments in Machinery Soft-Foot, Diagnosis of Shaft Misalignment and its Effects,Static Balancing Studies of Rotary Systems, Oil Whirl Monitoring and Mechanical Looseness.

Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing Lab

This lab offers experiments in Basics of Dynamic Signals,Responses of First and Second Order Mechanical Systems and Basics of Frequency Domain Signal Analysis etc.

Model Based Fault Detection Lab

Model Based Fault Detection (MBFD) is a technique that identifies Faultthrough-out the rotor system by using different mathematical fault models. MBFD is one of the technique which comes under Condition monitoring and Fault diagnosis.Before going to the detail of MBFD let us get acquianted to Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Virtual Lab for Multiphase Flow

Multiphase flow, as the name suggests, is the flow of multiple (two or more) fluids (liquids or gases) in unison. Clearly, the simplest case of multiphase flow is two-phase flow. The present lab primarily focuses on gas-liquid two-phase flow with and without phase change.

Mechanisms and Robotics lab

This Laboratory provides a primary exposure to design and control of such motion control applications in various applications. Ranging from 2D planar mechanisms to that of spatial mechanism design a set of experiments are offered concerning position, velocity and acceleration synthesis and analysis for basic motions.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory

The purpose of the laboratory is primarily to introduce the concept of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) by demonstrating remotely over the internet the operations of an actual CIM cell located in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

Remote Triggered Virtual Laboratory on Automotive Systems

This is a Remote Triggered Virtual Laboratory on Automotive Systems, where a student can access and conduct the experiments over the internet from remote locations. The lab introduces student to the basic experiments on a single cylinder petrol engine loaded by an eddy current dynamometer.

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