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Virtual English and Communication Lab

This lab priovides experiments in Business Communication etc, where it is any communication that encourages a product, a type of service or organization in order to enhance sale prospects.

Virtual Anthropology Lab

This lab inlcudes experiments on reconstruction of a handaxe, identification of shape of flakes and identification of finger patterns of different individuals.

Virtual Labs on Mine Ventilation

This lab introduces the experiment in the use of Assmann Psychrometer and estimation of Psychrometer properties.

Virtual Laboratory on Gaming and Simulation

The Objective of the Simulation and Gaming virtual Laboratory at the Department of INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING and MANAGEMENT is to design simulation experiments on various aspects of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Structural Characterization of Materials Laboratory

This lab is intended to help students at both under-graduate and post-graduate levels to develop fundamental concepts about characterization of materials at different levels and their applications in different fields of engineering. This is expected to enhance enthusiasm among the students to plan and conduct advance research experiments.

Satellite Modelling and Simulation

Virtual Laboratory in Satellite Modelling & Simulation offers distance learning opportunity in Satellite Technology through online experiments. In this laboratory, students can perform experiments with the same tools that helped ISSP team to learn about Satellites; these are the same tools that helped ISSP team to design Pratham.

Bioreactor Modeling & Simulation lab

This lab includes experiments in Bioreactor- Basics || Control Characteristics of pH Controller || Estimation of growth kinetic parameters in batch fermentation || Simultaneous measurement of specific growth / death rate of micro organisms || Determination of Volumeteric Mass Transfer Co-efficient (Dynamic method)

Aerospace Virtual laboratory

This lab from IIT Kanpur Aerospace Engineering Department provides experiments in aerospace engineering like Determination of Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio and heat of combustion of aviation fuel etc.

Materials - Thermal processing & Microstructural Characterization

This lab from Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering of IIT Kanpur offers experiments in Analysis of Stress-Strain Curves, Yield Point Phenomenon and Weibull Modulus of Brittle Materials etc.