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*Metal Forming Virtual Simulation Lab

Metal forming process is a widely used manufacturing process mainly due to its minimum waste and dimensional precision. It usually improves the mechanical properties of the formed product.

*Virtual Power Lab

A high-Voltage laboratory needs to be established to carry out fundamental studies on insulating materials, to carry out the performance evaluation of proto types and also to assess the condition of High-Voltage power apparatus before their erection and installation.

*Virtual Chemistry Lab

To develop Teaching/Learning Modules for advanced separation Techniques: High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography for Under Graduate and Post Graduate students.

Analytical Lab

This lab emphasizes students to learn the basic concepts related to Analytical Chemistry.It also helps to share costly equipment and resources, which are otherwise available to limited number of users due to constraints on time and geographical distances.

Virtual Advanced Lab for Interactive Design and Test in Electronics

Advanced Virtual Lab is dedicated to the proposition that online laboratories real laboratories accessed through the Internet - can enrich science and engineering education by greatly expanding the range of experiments that students are exposed to in the course of their education. Unlike conventional laboratories, Virtual Labs provide you facility to Perform experiment in 24*7 basis.