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  1. Some of the labs requires the users to install the Pre-requisites. Click here to view Pre-requisites
  2. In order to derive maximum learning experience, the users are advised to first read the instructions for conducting the labs. There are' step-by-step' instructions available in each lab to assist the users.
  3. Some of the labs require the users to log in first. Eventually, there will be a common login for labs.
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*Virtual Proteomics Lab

In this lab, we will do virtual experiments . We will start with an overview of Virtual Proteomics Laboratory, and from then on, the experiments get more interesting.

*Chemical Engineering

Welcome to the Chemical Engineering Lab! In this lab, we will do virtual experiments. We will start with Flow measurement by orificemeter and venturimeter, and from then on, the experiments get more interesting.

*Magnetic Levitation Lab

The Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) unit demonstrates closed loop levitation of permanent and ferromagnetic elements.

*Traffic Engineering Laboratory

This lab offers experiments in Saturation Flow, Delay Modeling, Fundamental Traffic Diagram Relations, Traffic Volume Count, Speed Measurement and Density Measurement.

*Electronic Devices and Circuits

This labs provides experiments for I-V Characteristics and Fabrication of p-n junction Diode, I-V Characteristics of LED Diode, Rectifier Circuits and Wave Shaping Circuits using Diodes.

Electronic design using DSP, FPGA, CPLD and Micro Controllers

This lab deals with basics of signals and systems, image processing, microcontrollers. devices and circuits and Modern Digital design.

Satellite Modelling and Simulation

Virtual Laboratory in Satellite Modelling & Simulation offers distance learning opportunity in Satellite Technology through online experiments. In this laboratory, students can perform experiments with the same tools that helped ISSP team to learn about Satellites; these are the same tools that helped ISSP team to design Pratham.

Urban Transportation Systems Planning Lab

This lab includes experiments in Volume, Speed and Delay Study at Intersection, Regression Analysis,Category Analysis and Growth Factor Distribution Modelis.

Single Board Heater System

Single Board Heater system is a lab-in-a-box setup which is primarily used for teaching/studying the theory of control systems. It can be thought of as a plant with a very small time constant (of the order of 60s).

Modern Digital Design Lab

This is purely simulation based lab. Users are not required to book the slots. These are low-cost kit-based lab.

Upcoming Labs

Power System Lab

Mechanical Engineering Lab


VLSI Design and Verification Lab

Internet based Virtual CNC lab