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*Signals and Systems Laboratory

Demonstration of different signals and their properties, demonstration of Salient properties systems, Analysis of Fourier properties of Signals.

*Virtual Electrical Machine

This lab helps in studying the generation of magnetic field in a single coil system due to DC and AC current and behaviour of rotating magnetic field in a two coil system due to AC current.

*Virtual English and Communication Lab

This lab priovides experiments in Business Communication etc, where it is any communication that encourages a product, a type of service or organization in order to enhance sale prospects.

*Virtual Anthropology Lab

This lab inlcudes experiments on reconstruction of a handaxe, identification of shape of flakes and identification of finger patterns of different individuals.

*Mechanical Vibration

This lab helps students to calculate the natural frequency and damping ratio of a spring-mass system, experimentally; and compare the results with theoretical values.

* Digital VLSI Design Virtual lab

To plot the (i) output characteristics & (ii) transfer characteristics of an n-channel and p-channel MOSFET, to design and plot the static (VTC) and dynamic characteristics of a digital CMOS inverter etc.

*Mass Transfer

This lab provides experiments which would help students to determine the dryness fraction of steam by separating and throttling calorimeter, determination of boiling range characteristics of petroleum product by using ASTM distillation etc.

*Electronic Instrumentation Lab

This lab includes experiments about Determination of Dynamic Performance Characteristics of First Order System as well as the response of standard test signal dynamics

*Mechanical Laboratory Experience in Fluid and Thermal Sciences

This lab provides experiments which would help students to determine the energy losses in pipe flow, measure the volumetric flow rate of fluids and analysis of flow through a Nozzle and a Diffuser etc.

Remote Triggered Electromechanical Conversion Laboratory

To perform No Load test of three phase induction motor, To perform Blocked Rotor test of three phase induction motor , To obtain Torque Slip characteristics of three phase induction motor.

Systems, Communication and Control Laboratory

This lab deals with the BPSK Modulation and Demodulation, Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation, QPSK Modulation etc.

Creative Design, Prototyping and Experiential Simulation Lab

Experiments in this lab focus on understanding the theoretical basis of decision making while designing computer screens, displays and product interfaces.

Ergonomics Lab for Assessing Physical Aspects of Design

This lab deals with experiments like Static anthropometry, standing heights, Arm forward reaches, standing erect and forward bend etc.

Remote Triggered Fiber Optics Communication Lab

This lab focuses on Fiber Optic Analog and Digital Link, Fiber Optic Bi-directional Communication, Wavelength Division Multiplexing etc.

Virtual Interactive Lab

This lab introduces us about The Missionaries Archive, Ethnographic Reports and The Folklore and Literature Archive etc.

Speech Signal Processing

To understand the stationary and non-stationary signal, Sampling Frequency and Bit Resolution for Speech Signal Processing, Identification of Voice/Unvoiced/Silence regions of Speech etc.

Upcoming Labs

Binary Distillation

Hydrodynamics and Transport phenomena in Packed Bed and Heat Exchangers