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*Material Response to Microstructural, Mechanical, Thermal and Biological Stimuli

Virtual lab is created for understanding the material response (microstructure)when any thermal or mechanical stimuli is provided to it. Ionic conductivity dependence on the composition of material is also explained here.

*Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy

In a typical chemistry classroom, traditional lab activities are often taught as "cookbook" labs, which does not pay much attention to real world applications. However, understanding chemistry requires a knowledge of the structure of atoms and molecules as well as how they interact in terms of chemical reactions.

*Virtual Combustion and Atomization Laboratory

This lab defines the various types of fuels like liquid, solid and gaseous fuels are available for firing in boilers, furnaces and other combustion equipments

Wave & Phenomena (Oscillation)

Virtual Laboratory on Oscillations illustrates the oscillations and related phenomena such as Simple Harmonic Motion, LC Circuit, LCR Circuit, Coupled Harmonic Oscillator etc.

Physical Sciences (Optical Device Characterizations)

This lab includes experiments in L-I and V-I Characteristics of fiber optic LEDs, Optical Spectral Characteristics of Laser Diodes, Optical Spectral Characteristics of LEDs etc.

Materials - Thermal processing & Microstructural Characterization

This lab from Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering of IIT Kanpur offers experiments in Analysis of Stress-Strain Curves, Yield Point Phenomenon and Weibull Modulus of Brittle Materials etc.

Low Temperature Electrical Transport and Property Measurements

This lab would help students to study the temperature dependence of the magnetoresistance of a LaSrMnO3 thin film and similar other experiments.

General Purpose Production Shop Simulation Lab

This lab aims to provide students, researchers, and educators an interactive platform to learn basics of modeling and simulation of production shops. Discrete next event stochastic simulation is used to simulate, observe and analyze the production systems.

Nanocomposite, Fabrication and Biomaterials & Signal Processing Laboratory

This lab describes the real life Spark Plasma Sintering , Bacteria Culture, Cell Culture.

Aerospace Virtual lab

This lab from IIT Kanpur Aerospace Engineering Department provides experiments in aerospace engineering like Determination of Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio and heat of combustion of aviation fuel etc.

Virtual Astrophysics Lab

This lab offers experiments for students studying an introductory course in astrophysics and astronomy.

RF Microwave Characterization Lab

The objective of the lab is : Analysis and simulation of various components and devices to understand the basics of RF and microwave engineering.

Transducer and Instrumentation Virtual Lab

The purpose of Instrumentation Lab is to learn about some of the basic instrumentation used to operate modern test and measurement systems

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Mechanical Sciences - Liquid Crystal

Laser Based Flow Diagnostics Laboratory

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Manufactoring Laboratory

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